Level 2 - Tuesday


Ss learned to use will versus going to. They read an email about covering a coworker's station. 

In response to our discussion about will and going to, an example went on the board: I'm going to take lunch. This brought up the question, is it take lunch or have lunch? We talked about how , in English, we usually say "have." But then Luz asked, "sometimes my manager says, go take lunch" so we talked about how in that instance it actually means "take a break".

Ss made a great connection regarding the word apply. They talked about "apply for a job" and what that means and then were able to figure from that in the context of the email they read, "apply" actually meant "put on" or "do."

Cornelia did and excellent job today, both in noticing grammar and in the reading for context clues. 

Now that Jose Bravo is coming to class regularly, he is excelling rapidly. I will keep an eye on him to make sure he's challenged. 

Level 3 - Wednesday

Level 3 - Wednesday