Level 3 - Wednesday


Ss did a great job of using double comparatives to create motivational phrases and give advice. "The harder you work, the more you learn." etc.

This is good phrsaeology when giving feedback to colleagues both in writing and orally.

Here are some examples they came up with.

  • "The more you relax, the less stressful it will be."—by Dacia and Jessica.
  • "The less someone listens, the less they can learn."—Hector and Emmanuel.
  • "The more humble you are, the more you can accomplish."—Wendy and Fernando.
  • "The harder you work, the more you'll be rewarded."—Ana and Heidi.
  • "The more you pay attention, the less mistakes you'll make."—Fanny and Jorge.

Level 2 - Tuesday

Level 2 - Tuesday