Level 3 - Wednesday


Ss reviewed basic forms for 'giving advice' and had to give advice orally. They also had to identify a new concept in English - The Present Perfect.

During the Question of the Day, Ss originally thought that they thought "advice" was a 'warning' and "advise" meant 'sharing information' which we corrected. 

Ana did an especially great job today. She was correctly volunteering information. She and her partner Fernando were using the Present Perfect correctly in their first round of scenarios for giving advice all on their own even before the presentation of the grammar point.

Wendy gave a great example to give polite advice -- "Have you thought about leaving earlier in order to get to work on time?" 

Edwin asked " Can I say, 'have you tried.....'" Yep! Great work!

Level 2 (Make-up classes)

Level 2 - Tuesday