Level 2 - Tuesday


Ss had to use adjectives to describe a dish today. And they learned about adjective order - a tricky topic in English.

Luis asked "What's the difference between a dish and a plate?" This ended up being useful when we talked about the main noun in a sentence later, which happened to be "dish." 

Ss did a great job explaining what different adjectives meant, what different categories of adjectives meant. For "quality" several Ss: Luis, Jose, Cornelia, gave the example "like if something is the best or delicious!" Ss also knew that you cannot separate the words French fries, because, as they said, "That's its name—its complete name. You always see it together." Great!

Dominga did an excellent job of noticing and picking out verbs vs nouns vs adjectives on her paper today. She also did a fantastic job with categorizing adjectives in her own sentences. She even corrected her partner, Danny a few times, "Mediterranean IS and adjective because it is describing the seasonings!" It's evident she has been studying a lot.

Confusing terms: Rare (temperature) vs rare (uncommon) 

Level 3 - Wednesday

Level 3 - Wednesday