Level 2 - Tuesday


Ss read a story about an ice-cream maker to understand use of Adverbs of Manner!

During the Question of the Day (Do you speak slowly or quickly?)  Ss were saying that it depends on the situation and the language they are speaking in whether they speak quickly, slowly, loudly, or softly.

Luis, Dominga, and Cornelia said they speak slowly and softly in English but loudly and quickly in Spanish. They speak softly and slowly in English because they have "miedo escénico" so we were trying to figure out what that was. We knew "miedo" was "fear" or "scared" and when Dominga google translated "escénico" it came up "scenic"—so "scenic fear." Then Luis said, "yes like when you go to the movie theater and they have the big scenes in the movie. This is like a really big fear!" This was a great teachable moment to A. remind Ss how some things do not and cannot translate literally from one language to another and B. talk briefly about idioms and how this appears to be a Spanish one.

Level 2 - Tuesday

Level 3 - Wednesday