Level 2 - Tuesday


Ss learned to use already, still, yet, anymore and express what have/haven't completed.

In a dialogue showing the words on the day, the term "oh my gosh" came up. Danny wanted to know what it meant. He said he has heard people say it before and he never knew what exactly they were saying or what it meant. 

Danny also pointed out (when discussing the meaning of the adverbs) that yet and already are used to make a confirmation—great observation!

Dominga did a great job today! Some of the Ss were a little confused with where to put the adverbs in their sentence scrambles, but Dominga did a good job on the first try. When we were going over the rules, she was able to point out subjects and verbs and why certain adverbs needed to be placed in what sentence and where. HUGE improvement noted!

We had a small reflection on class as a whole - During reflection, Ss said they really liked this lesson and that they LOVE doing the sentence scramble activities -- great feedback.

Level 2 - Tuesday

Level 3 - Wednesday