Level 2 - Tuesday


Ss had to understand pitch changes in pronunciation and respond to an incorrect order in English.

Cornelia and Danny were paired together for a sentence scramble activity - they tend to struggle the most with word order.

We had a lot of words that were examined and clarified today - mostly due to the confusion in the pronunciation:

  • bland vs blend
  • bitter vs better
  • cart vs card
  • low-key vs lucky
  • the letter A vs 8 vs ate (these 3 all sound the same to some Ss).
  • Ss also wanted to know what the difference between plain and bland is in meaning.

At the end of class, students created their own scenarios! Here's are some excerpts...

"Excuse me. I want to return this cheese. It's sour!" "I think there is something wrong with the fish I got. It tastes sour. Should I return it?" "I don't like bitter coffee. I put milk and sugar in it so it is sweet." "I like plain tacos but not bland, you have to season the meat!"

Note to managers - Diana is keeping an eye on Luz, Jose, and Evelyn to level-up in January perhaps.

Level 3 - Wednesday

Level 2 - Tuesday