Level 3 - Wednesday


Ss continued working on pronunciation today and learned how to express preferences politely.

We began the class with a question of the day: Do you prefer to give feedback in person or in writing?

Ss had some great answers...They prefer telling someone about a problem so that they can hear the word stress and hear the intonation, see the facial expressions, and possibly solve a problem faster. Some prefer writing because they do not like confrontation, they know that each side will have a chance to say their peace before moving on because they have to read what each other wrote in order to respond—less room for a heated debate with interruptions and/or where neither person is really paying attention to the other. Very insightful. 

Edwin was noticing and questioning a lot. He also wanted to know what we say "If I were you" instead of "If I was you." He pointed out that "I'd prefer" seems to be a typical answer for a question that says "Why don't we....?" Very inquisitive, thoughtful, and extra attentive today! Good job!

Level 2 - Tuesday

Level 2 - Tuesday