Level 3


Objective: Work with groups to analyze a performance review, then improve it. Identify positive and negative language. Write your own performance review.

Ss had awesome language to make a performance review more professional...

  • "Gives and receives feedback in a positive way."
  • "Has improved and is able to adapt to change."
  • "Is always willing and able to help."
  • "neglects to help others"—which was later decided to be too negative of language and was changed to "unwilling"—Nice!
  • "Needs to improve listening skills."
  • "Willing and able to solve problem even when overwhelmed."
  • "Ensures all team members maintain a positive outlook and attitude."

"performance reviews are a balanced situation" -- Heidi said it means giving both positive and negative feedback so the employee isn't overwhelmed. Edwin said it meant to make sure both the manager and the employee have a balance in communication.

Fanny and Fernando did an especially great job of rewriting the sample performance review. They came up with language that the rest of the class liked and agreed with too.

Winter ESL - Week 1

Level 2