Level 3 - Wednesday


This week, Level 3 students used grading collocations for performance review evaluations.

During our warm-up, students said that they enjoy giving and getting evaluations and doing self evaluations. They said that during self evaluation, they can see things that they might not have noticed before because they are asked to consider things that they may not have thought to consider before. 

Edwin pointed out that he thought (effectively) and(accurately) are adverbs because they are describing a verb—way to go! Ss were confused by "willing" and "unwilling" though. In meaning and function within a sentence.

Jessica did a great job today putting collocations (frequently paired words) together in her group! She worked with Jorge and Wendy, and she caught a few of their errors and came up with appropriate solution, assumes responsibility, and resists change—Bravo


Level 2

Level 2 - Tuesday