He didn't went.

The level 3 class needs to fine some mistakes they've been making for years. This week they learned about making negatives and questions in the past. Example...

  • Did you go to work yesterday?
  • No, I didn't go.

Some students had trouble with this. They kept writing and wanting to say "He didn't went." or "Did he went...?"

Jeopardy was really fun and sufficiently challenging for this group and a good way for them to check in on what they still need to work on. Heidi and Wendy excelled. Luciano struggled a bit with verb tense and subject-verb agreement — he and Enrique were stumped by the 400 "What's Wrong?" question: "That day, our friends bringed their family to the restaurant."

New words that inspired discussion were the difference between 'another' and 'other.' 

"what's" means "what is."

Pronouncing the past