Aha! Moments

Level 3 - Aha! Moments and how to express them.

Here are some examples of Aha! moments students pulled from the book:

Edwin: "When Louis realized that the reason why the penguins were in such a bad mood is because they realized that they only had 2 months to deal with the iceberg melting problem."

Heidi: "I realized that NoNo doesn't actually know anything about the weather."

Fernando: "I realized that the reason why NoNo is the way he is is because he is just mad that he doesn't know as much about the weather as he wants people to think he does and other people (penguins) know that."

Junior: "When Fred started to think there was a problem, he realized that he needed to spend less time fishing and more time observing the sea."

Over the next few weeks...

What do you know?