Don't give up.

Level 3

We read the end of "Our Iceberg Is Melting" out loud together and touched on the ending as a class. (note - Heidi offered to also email today's paperwork to the students who were absent so we can all stay on the same page with our story writing.)

Most students haven't given much thought to their own fable yet and some, due to absences, were not aware that we had this project. 

After brainstorming themes for a while, students came up with some good ones for their own fables.

  • "Learn and Apply What you Learn"—Jorge.
  • "Don't Give Up"—Ana.
  • "Practice Better Work Behavior"—Edwin.

With consistent attendance, this project will be a huge point of pride for students! We're going to walk them through the process of organizing clear thoughts and putting them on paper.

one month for things to not go missing!

No regression here!