one month for things to not go missing!

Level 2

This week, students listened to an excerpt from a manager meeting at Citarella that talked about safety and employee incentives. Students were able to articulate what the "manager meeting" was about and were able to find the correct details. They were also able to discuss how they take notes and what "tips" they use.

Students were then asked to come up with their own 'recognition programs'. Danny and Ericka both had Programs that were particularly creative. 

  • Danny—get the inventory team better organized. They have one month for things to not go missing! Then they get a free "dinner."
  • Ericka said her incentive was for everyone in the Produce department to learn how to place an order. She said a lot of people in Produce don't know what their products are, but if they had to order it each week, it would help them learn. Whoever could learn all the produce the quickest would get a salary raise.

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