Be an expert

Level 2

This week, students learned about when to use TOO vs ENOUGH. Students had to give advice on different jobs and use the key words correctly. There was some great advice from our experts:

  • "The trainer has to have interest in the trainee."—Ericka and Dominga.
  • "You have to make enough time to deal with problems as a manager."—Emmanuel and Cornelia.
  • "You need to have enough patience."—Jose and Evelyn.

In the same activity, Ericka and Dominga were "experts" in 'training a new employee' and Ericka wanted to know how to properly express that first the trainer needs to have interest (or in invested interest/care) for the trainee which led us to a discussion about the difference between 'trainer' and 'trainee.' Emmanuel was like, "Oh like employer and employee!!" Great connection.

Yes, I did!

Over the next few weeks...