Yes, I did!

Level 2

In the beginning of class before everyone had arrived, Emmanuel asked Diana what the correct answer a customer who asks, "Do you have apples?" would be. He asked, "Do I say, 'yes, I do?'" - Yes.

Then when they were going over Past Tense Question forms, Diana wrote "Did you eat?" on the board as an example. Emmanuel said, "Yes, I did!" Great job making connections.

Also, Ericka made an excellent observation. A sentences said - 'They had to walk carefully because there was a lot of ice." Students were confused as to how to figure out if it is "there was" or "there were." Ericka said, "it should be there was because 'there' is talking about the 'ice' and 'ice' is a noncount noun so you have to use BE like for 'it'." Bravo Ericka!

No regression here!

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