Winter ESL - Week 9

Topic: Taking Risks

Wow! Ss came up with some amazing thoughts/ideas today. 

'What is a risk?':
"When you take a chance without knowing the outcome."—Fanny
——teachable moment——Fanny also said she likes "to play safe." So we were able to use "to play safe" to demonstrate infinitive use again,

"When you take a challenge and it doesn't come out the way you were expecting or the way other people expected it of you."—Ana

People who take risks:
"immigrants, everyone who gets on an airplane, teenagers—and their parents, taxi drivers, taxi riders, actors/singers, teachers, bull fighters, gymnasts, investors, lawyers, presidents."—All groups post-Brainstorm

NOTE - Jessica, who is usually a bit quiet in class, took the stage today! She offered some incredible ideas and her participation went above and beyond this week. Bravo!

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