Winter ESL - Week 8

Class goal: Use advanced preferences. Understand gerunds/infinitives. Recall in/at/on.

Ss asked some great questions today!

  • Fernando: "And what about surfaces? Do I say 'in' the floor or 'on' the floor? I always say, 'put that box in the floor.' I think I'm messing it up."
  • Jessica: "What's the difference between 'in the paper' and 'on paper?' I hear people say that one too."
  • Emmanuel: "Can I say, 'this coffee is 'from' yesterday'? Or 'for' yesterday'?"

New words: towards, rather

Everyone did a great job, but Fernando particularly shined with a sentence scramble activity. He struggles a lot with grammar, especially these nitty gritty points like in/at/on. But today, he was the first one to put his scrambles together correctly. He was so proud of himself too.

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