Level 1


Ss did a great job of using their FROM and TO to talk about each other's schedules.

All of the new TRUE/LOW beginner Ss did a fantastic job today at keeping up with the veterans. They remember their FROMs and TOs, they were able to discern between "day" and "date." Grisleyda and Jose Vasquez did a perfect job of spelling the days of the week in a spelling race. 

Jose Morocho and Israel were out in left field today so they were paired together so that Diana could work closely with them.

Jerry and Jose Vasquez worked together, and when they go to the part where they had to interview each other, instead of asking the model questions on the paper, they took down a few of the milling activity questions from the wall and tried to emulate them. Jose was really hung up on the word "does" though. So for example, the question "What days does Mary work?" he was trying to use it for Jerry. It started with, "Jerry, what days does Jerry work?" and I said, "what do you say if you are talking TO Jerry" and I modeled me talking to him in the 3rd person and he agreed it was weird. So we decided he needs to use "you" but then it was coming out "What days does you work?" So it was a nice way to briefly introduce do vs. does.

Level 2

Level 1 (high)