Level 1


Ss were able to identify surface locations and go above and beyond using other location words: shelf, table, fridge, cabinet. 

Ezequiel, Yoel, and Miguel finished some activities quickest so they went around the room and were "teacher" to help the other Ss. All Ss except for Morocho wrote their answers correctly on the board for an short reading.

New words today:

  • grand(versus ground)
  • war (war vs wall)
  • clock, and watch** 

**Yoel asked Bilirido, "Where is the clock?" Bilirido (and some of the other students) didn't know what a clock was, and then Jose V. said, "It's not the same as watch?" So we learned the 2 today.

Note from Diana - Keeping an eye on Miguel. He seems to be more advanced than the other Ss. But he's sweet and willing to help/be patient/be humble so that's good.

Level 1 (High)

Level 1 (High)