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Ss learned polite phrases and how to ask for things today.

Junior was nailing it today. The past few weeks his homework has been perfect, he was one out of only two who completed the write instructions homework correctly (Tomas did it correctly too). He remembered his counts and non-count nouns. He was initially confused for a minute because he asked, "If you have a bag of something, for example bag of grapes, grapes is noncount right? because you have to say 'bag of grapes'?" Great recall of past lessons (remembering to use "of" even if not sure why). 

When talking about what a noun is, I asked the Ss for examples of a person, place, or thing to check for understanding. I did not ask about idea because I thought it might be too complicated but, Ana volunteered with "Maybe something like, 'project' could be an idea." 

New words: hand (verb form, "can you hand me a ...), noun

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