Level 1 - Low


Ss had to identify the difference between like and want today.

Israel did a really great job today. He came up with Indian food for what he wanted and during Walk n Talk, he asked me why I like New York. He said he likes New York because of all the different restaurants—he liked Indian food, Thai food, Mexican food, etc... Great small talk! He also did a great job listening during a listen-and-write activity and he was a big help for Lorenzo and Pepe when the Ss checked each other's work.

While I asked Jerry  "Do you like New York?" He answered, "Me no like New York." Grisleyda said, "No! It's 'I don't like'..." Great job Grisleyda! Then when discussing our answers for an activity, Grisleyda said, "Bilirido I likes cake." And Bilirido corrected her, "No I. Only Bilirido likes cake." Great job looking out for and correcting each other!

Level 1 - Low

Level 1 - high