Did he come to class?

In the Level 3 class we've been spending time on fundamental grammar but in the context of real work situations. Many of these are conversations that are recorded at a regular or high speaking pace. Today was no exception when students had to listen for the questions and negatives in the past tense.  She wasn't here this morning. or Did he come to class?

Everyone did a good job and stayed focused. After 3 listens, almost everyone was able to hear all of the language they were expected to identify. Kevin and Ronnie both did a nice job with the activity. And Carolina identified almost all of the missing words on the first listen.

Jeopardy was fun and students got VERY competitive. We're still having trouble understanding when to use -ing at the end of a word. This something we'll learn more in context next week when we start to read "Our Iceberg Is Melting: Changing a Succeeding".




Renso, Jose E., Ramon, Isaul

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