Level 1 Game Day

Game day showed the difference between the two Level 1 classes at the warehouse. The low Level 1 (2:30 class) did a great job with instructions, but it took a beat to get into the game play.

Group 1 (Lorenzo, Israel, and Jiovanni) were very careful to use and pronounce the correct letters in the Spelling Dice game. They did an excellent job sounding out the new ones they hadn't seen/heard before. They also used the least amount of Spanish compared to other groups.

Jose M. did a fantastic job with pronunciation as the "teacher" for the BINGO game, but was in a cloud during Spelling Dice. It was as if he forgot all the words we've learned. It may have to do with there being too much time before his turn—he checks out quickly. When he was continually talking/engaged (in the Bingo game) he was fine.

Jorge and Derwin also did a great job with the Spelling game—they were the winners of their groups.  

Linen vs. Wine

Renso, Jose E., Ramon, Isaul