Renso, Jose E., Ramon, Isaul

In the High Level 1 class, game day was a great success! Students said it was great practice.

Ana and Junior are still have significant problems/confusion between i and e while most other students stop themselves and correct it if they are starting to say the wrong letter.

Italo did a fantastic job today! He was the winner in his group for the spelling game and he did a great job listening in BINGO.

Group 3 (Renso, Jose E., Ramon, Isaul) stayed on task and used very little (if any) Spanish. Jose helped explain the game his group played to the next group that came over to play it. Renso takes extra special care to think and study a word before he says or spells it. He is very conscious about using final 's' s and pronouncing his 'b's, 'v's, 'e's, and 'i's correctly.

Level 1 Game Day

Did he come to class?