How to express an idea briefly and effectively

Level 3: 7:30

We are continuing to read "Our Iceberg Is Melting" and students are learning about 'creating a sense of urgency' as well as 'being persuasive' and 'disagreeing politely.' Something else happened today though. Students teamed up to make a flyer expressing to their classmates the urgency of the iceberg melting. In the process, their creativity, ability to negotiate, and their time management skills came through. They also learned about how to express an idea with brief points - which can be a challenge for some students at times. 

Antonio won the poster contest.

After that, Esteban and Johnnattan practiced public speaking and persuaded the class (ie the townspeople in the book) that the iceberg is melting. The class was instructed to disagree politely. Ask them how it went!


Cause and Effect