What is your iceberg?

Level 3

This week students spoke about what their iceberg is (constant) and what is melting (change). 

Esteban and Luciano both said that their Iceberg was the kitchen; however, they thought that the 'melting' was two different things. Luciano said that his 'melting' (i.e. 'change') was when complacency eroded in the kitchen and people were no longer 'stuck in time'. Esteban noted that his 'change' was when people were not being cross-trained and then what happened when they started to. All of this was noted in retrospect, so I asked if anyone had a current iceberg that is melting. 

Manny said that Footprint is his current iceberg and that the melting (or change) is the process of implementation. Carolina didn't agree which drifted us into a good discussion about personal opinions and language around politely disagreeing (a tough language function for everyone to use. There were a lot of students saying 'I think' but no other creative language behind it that allowed for both parties to share an opinion respectfully)

Awesome discussion overall. Everyone should be really proud of their communicative progress. 



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