Aha! Moments

Level 3: 7:30am

There were an uncanny amount of aha! moments in class today. It started out with a lengthly conversation about why we say...

I need advice.

rather than

I need advices.

Everyone perked up a bit after they realized why it's only correct to say 'advice' and vowed never to say 'advices' again. 

Then we read "Our Iceberg Is Melting" but students drove the skim-scan-read process. They summarized the main points and picked out words that were unfamiliar. Here were a few that came up...

  • beneath
  • unspeakable
  • glared
  • stood before

Ask students what these words mean and see if they can use it in a sentence!


"Ah, like Best Buy?! It's Mejor Compra?!"

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