"Ah, like Best Buy?! It's Mejor Compra?!"

Level 1 - 2:30 - 4pm

This week was game way - a way for us to check-in on students progress. While students still struggle with spelling, it was a moment of pride to see how hard they tried with making sentences during the DICE game even though they haven't learned verbs or much grammar yet. They were really thinking hard and working together to figure out how to write the sentences with the vocabulary words.

Students were put in groups according to their level of progress so far.

  • (Derwin, Ginette, Ezequiel)
  • (Pepe, Jose J., Jorge)
  • (Jose M., Jiovanni, Yoel, Israel)

When Ginette's group was making sentences, Ginette asked me how to spell 'buy' so she could write the sentence, "I buy meat at the store." When I told her, she had an 'AH-HA Moment!' She said, "Ah, like Best Buy?! It's Mejor Compra?!" Great connection!

"Jorge needs sleep."

Aha! Moments