Winter - Week 3

Level 1 - Low

Ss had some great ideas during a game where they had to make questions:

Hector: for Who do you need? "I need to talk to the chef."

Choco: for Where do you want to go? "My house."
What do you need? "To eat. I'm hungry."
Who do you need? "My wife to cook me something." 

Miguel: for Where do you want to go? "A restaurant."
What do you need? "Something to eat."
Who do you need? "The chef to cook."

Level 2

This week students worked on pronunciation and listening for -ed. The difference between 'damaged', 'repaired', and 'checked', for example. Jaime sets a great example for pronunciation and helps out Rosi a lot. It was nice to see him step in to assist others. 

Winter - Week 4

Winter - Week 2