Winter - Week 9

Level 1a - Topic: Intro to adjectives

I asked Miguel, Israel, Bili, and Griselyda about the pens in the middle of the table. I said, "Grisleyda, can I have a pen?" and prompted her to ask "Which one?" [When she saw there were three different kinds] Blue, black, or red?" And then she went "Ah-ha! Which one.....make a decision!"

Ss did great jobs in their role-plays:
Morocho: "Do you like coffee?"
Lourdes: "Yes. Can I have a coffee?"
Morocho: "Sure. Which one? Big one or small one?"

Lorenzo: "Pepe do you want something salty or sweet?"
Pepe: "Something salty but I need light too."
Lorenzo: "Maybe potato chips?"
Pepe: "OK, that is good."

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