Winter - Week 11

Level 1a

Topic: Identify count vs noncount nouns. Use a/an in front of nouns. Listen and write what you hear. Practice asking yes/no questions.

Pepe did a great job with the reference sheet today in remembering a/an/some and plural -s.

Grisleyda was very creative (and correct) with the reference sheet. For some plural answers she wrote "some" and for bananas she wrote "4" but she also remembered the final -s for them and was able to identify the difference between a specific amount (a number) and general amount (some).

Rafael did an excellent job with listening and comprehension today. He has shown a lot of improvement since the first class. He was also able to correctly fill in the ref. sheet on his own without help which was a big step for him. Bravo!

Level 1b

New words: noon, midnight—ss were confusing specific time, noon with general time, afternoon. Once ss learned that noon was a specific time, there were a few "ah ha" moments over the expression "good afternoon." Additionally, Junior asked, "12 in the night has a specific name too?" But he couldn't remember the name. So, ss learned "midnight" too.

Hector did an excellent job today. He was the only ss who remembered to use the past tense in response to the QoD. He also was careful to practice the correct -ed ending pronunciation. Bravo!


Winter - Week 10