Week 2 [Spring]


Pepe and Gregorio did a really great job with spelling today! They spelled 2 out of the 4 pictures in a brainstorming activity correct: "supermarket" and "restaurant." Bravo!

During the picture brainstorm activity, Lourdes and Rafael wrote "rice factory" on the farm picture. Interesting!

Level 1b [High BEGINNER]

Johnathan Mendez asked a lot of great questions! He asked if it's OK to answer a polite request with, "No." Answer? Not really, because the whole idea of a polite request is to ensure that the other person says 'yes.' "What about if I say, "I'm sorry. I'm too busy." That's polite to say I'm sorry, no?" Great question! And yes! That's a polite way to say no. Way to go!

New words this week: rude, polite, receipt vs recipe, lost vs last, expression: "could you grab [something] for me?", expression: "would you mind?


Junior and Ruth are fresh to the level 2 class but it's clear they are prepared for a challenge and are able to contribute with full confidence in their language ability. Jose Jimenez continues to come out of his shell. During the 'guess the word' game, he spoke up a lot in order to help his teammate guess the word.

Level 3 [ADVANCED]

Difference between 'will' vs 'going to'--Fatima told a great story. She said "Last week I was talking to Ed about vacation and he kept on saying 'going to'. So, I asked him why he didn't say 'will'" Ed wasn't able to give the grammatical reason per se, but Fatima understood why because when we talk about vacation it is a plan that we made in the past about the future. She was very pleased with her observation.


Week 3 [Spring]