Week 3 [Spring]

Level 2a [Intermediate]

Ondina asked "teacher! What is 'almost?" We talked about how you can use 'almost' with always and never, but not with sometimes or similar words. Ondina replied "I almost never use almost always".

Rafael is breaking a lot of old (and bad) language habits. He is working hard to notice his errors and it's a pleasure to see him begin to catch his own errors.

Level 1a [Beginner]

New words: tape, race, part-time, after (which led to why we say "Good AFTERnoon!")

Rafael is still learning numbers in English so he struggled a bit today.

Madelin did a great job using prepositions and asking the correct questions in order to elicit schedule info from her classmates. She is proving to be a very focused and dedicated student. Great job!


Week 4 [Spring]

Week 2 [Spring]