Week 6 [Spring]

Level 1b [High Beginner]

Students worked on creating role-plays for various workplace disasters this week. Israel and Jonathan role-played a scenario about a broken cell phone, but they modeled their conversation directly from the example script. When they got to the part in the script that said they needed a 'wet floor sign' Ezequiel caught it and shouted out, "It's not necessary the wet floor sign! The phone is not wet!" A funny moment and great catch!

Level 1a [Beginner]

Students learned a lot of new words this week from a seek and find activity with workplace photos: wall, floor, broke, glass, oven, stove, dangerous, screen, volunteer, permission, plate, wine. Very proud of Pepe this week who did a great job with pre-exisitng vocabulary and helping out his peers understand new words! 


Week 7 [Spring]

Week 5 [Spring]