Week 4 [Spring]

Level 2a [Intermediate]

Very proud of Jose Jimenez and Chayanne this week - Jose shined today and I think a lot of that was due to working with Chayanne. Jose really has a lot of English he is able to produce, but his lack of confidence gets in the way. Chayanne is fearless and I think sets a good example for Jose. Bravo for teamwork!

Level 3 [Advanced]

A game called Happy Chair was a hit this week. Students developed an understanding of synonyms for phrasal verbs and, more importantly, developed trust with each other. Rosi especially worked hard to trust her team in order to get the word they were trying to describe.

Level 1b [High Beginner]

Learning how to use 'my' and 'your' instead of 'the' was an a-ha! moment for students - "I have a cut on the finger." vs. "I have a cut on my finger."

There was a big confusion/debate between callus vs blister. Students decided that blister is "more pain" and callus is "just hard and a little pain." Good job!

New words this week: elbow, knee, fall and fell

Level 1a [Beginner]

Big a-ha moment this week! —students thought it was "punchiar" ("punch out"). They were surprised to see it written. We talked about how punch in/out and clock in/out is the same too.

I can tell Rafael has been practicing numbers. He was able to tell the difference between them today and pronounce them a little better. Great job!

Week 5 [Spring]

Week 3 [Spring]