Week 8 [Spring]

Level 1b [High Beginner]

Students worked on how to express feeling 'disappointed' this week. 

When checking if students understood the new vocabulary, they came up with some great examples of when they feel disappointed: 
"When my team loses."—Alex
"When my scanner doesn't work."—Jonathan
"When my children don't listen."—Derwin

Initially, students were unsure if the expression was "I am disappointed" or "I am disappointment."

Level 1a [Beginner']

One activity students did this week was a picture word hunt. They knew some great words for the pictures: meat, table, plastic, cap, uniform, floor, scrap, wall (only Lorenzo remembered 'wall'), ceiling (Rafael came up with 'ceiling' while looking over his notes from previous lessons....wow!), wrap, women, men, garbage, supervisors, apples, scrap, container, blue jacket, jeans, hands, red shoes, peppers.



Week 9 [Spring]

Week 7 [Spring]