He is buying groceries at the deli.

Today, students worked on the Present Continuous and the Past Continuous. (I am cooking vs I was cooking). They created sentences based on what is / was happening in the neighborhood and then told a story in the Past Continuous.

The past was a new concept for students and we will continue to work on it next week. Nevertheless, they were able to produce the language function well!

Some of the sentences from our walk were great!

  • "She is buying a lottery ticket."—Boubacar (new vocabulary word: lottery)
  • "He is buying groceries at the deli." —Renold (which led to a discussion about the difference between a grocery and groceries).
  • "The man is leaning on his fence." —Vilma (new vocabulary word: leaning)
  • "The students are listening to the teacher and writing sentences in their book."—Alama

Alama and Hawa

Would you mind...?