Level 1 (low) - Thursday


Students learned about surfaces (floor, ground, wall, window, door, ceiling) in class today and were able to describe where a schedule was located.

Maria Luisa was noticeably exhausted in class, so she was tasked with more listening activities while Merary and Leo took the lead as 'teachers' and told us where different objects were located. 

Except for window,  surface words everyone learned were new today. They are supposed to listen for more examples of people saying these words at work. 

Reading - WOW. So impressed with Leo's fearlessness. Compared to where he was in his one-to-one, he's really come out of his shell. He's now become the class dictionary too. Whenever there is a word we read that no one understands, Leo is asked to look it up and pronounce the translation for the class. He seems to enjoy taking the lead. 

Level 2/3 FOH - Thursday

Level 1 High - Friday