Level 2/3 FOH - Thursday


Ss learned Use pronunciation rules for verbs ending in -es. Then they had to and speak about things they and a coworker have in common using the verbs of the day.

LATENESS - Fanny and Daniel were the only Ss on time. Diana and Giovanni were 10 minutes late. Marcelino was 40 minutes late. Please remind students that when they arrive late we don't fully achieve our language objectives.

Some verbs that came up were: challenges, pitches, smashes, mixes—(Marcelino); introduces—(Giovanni); catches, notices, kisses, finishes—(Diana); pushes, charges, guesses—(Fanny)

Also, Fanny and Diana went above and beyond today and really showed off evolved grammar skills. They wrote a great story too, "Fanny organizes the station. She watches Diana while she cleans the radishes to see if it's right. Fanny sneezes when Diana cleans the radishes. Their team work pleases the managers." 


Level 1 - Friday

Level 1 (low) - Thursday