Level 1 - Thursday


SS were able to understand the meaning of 6 common verbs and use them to describe actions today: eats, drinks, listens, talks, walks, works

pronunciation was a bit of a challenge for students: walk vs work, fast vs fat, talk vs walk, eat vs is

2 great moments today:

1 - Narciso wanted to know if someone doesn't work in the office and they do work in the kitchen, how do you say that? I didn't give him the answer. He just sat for a minute and said it right - "She works in the kitchen". He's really putting together all of the pieces.

2  At the end of class when ss wrote sentences about some photos. Their error was putting IS in front of  their verbs. (She is eats cake. She is walks to the bathroom.)  Maria Luisa really played teacher here and corrected everyone's errors. She has trouble with pronunciation but she's glued to form like it's her own. She's all about logic. 

Level 2/3 FOH - Thursday

Level 1 - Friday