Level 2/3 FOH - Thursday


Today, Ss learned to listen for quick YES/NO questions. These can be a real challenge for English learners because they provide no context clues, so their meaning must be memorized. Ss loved the lesson today! 

Francisco (EMP) did a great job today. He spoke to Diana after class and said, "sorry I was shy today teacher. It's my first day and my English is not that good." And I told him, well that's why he and everyone else is here: to learn. He kept pace with the other Ss, already had a firm footing with what we were learning. 

Teachable moment—when learning the question, "Are we out?" it prompted Fidel to ask where the code term "86" came from and why we say that when we are out of something. So I gave them that very brief history lesson/legend. ;-)

We also learned the phrases "make fun of" and "pick on" while discussing the QoD: "Are you shy?" Salvador said, "I am shy when people are making on fun at me."

Level 1 High - Friday

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