Level 1 High - Friday


Today, Ss recalled ordinal numbers and read/organized simple written instructions to complete an inventory sheet. 

We did not get set up until 3:15 due to construction in the Caroline and Johnston Rooms. While on the roof, the space was interrupted a few times by lost guests, employees moving things in and out and talking loudly.

In spite of interruptions, a teachable moment emerged - a guest that came to the PH looking for something. Joselo went over to help her. I heard him say "Go to two floor." so when the guest left, I asked, "Two floor?" and he said "Sorry teacher. Second floor!"

When completing inventory, Alvaro knew most of his fruits and vegetables. Yellow squash and kiwi were new for him. But there were a bunch of new fruits and vegetables that were new for Joselo and Ilonca: ginger, orange, habanero, carrot, jalapeño, mushroom, and blueberry. Other new words were: julienne (julienne carrots), bunch, and each


Level 1 - Thursday

Level 2/3 FOH - Thursday