Level 1 - Friday


When the question "What is your job?" came up in the Walk n Talk, Joselo said "houseman" and Jose followed up with "the houseman for the hotel or for the PDR?" And Joselo was unsure. Joselo tried to pronounce what Jose said but he was still unclear. So the letters were spelled on the board—P-D-R—and Joselo went " Ohhhhh!" He didn't know that Jose was saying the letters "P-D-R." Then we discovered that no one knew what PDR stands for, so we went over the abbreviation, "Private Dining Room." And then Joselo was like, "Ah-ha! Now I know my job! Thank you teacher!" He could never hear exactly what his title was before, much less produce it! Great teachable moment! 

Level 2/3 (FOH)

Level 2 - Thursday