Level 1 High - Friday


Only Joselo came to class on Friday. Ilonca had childcare issues, Jose's wife had a baby, and Alvaro we're unsure about.

Today we worked on how to introduce someone. So he worked on introducing Diana! Joselo in general has difficulty focusing when there are distractions. So today was a good chance to support him. He was able to fill out his interview about Diana correctly. 

He had big ah-ha moment when we did a sentence scramble game and he came across the word "noon." "What is noon?" he asked. "12:00pm!" Diana said. Then she wrote the greeting, "Good after" and asked him "what is after?" He said "later...despues." and when she finished the word: "afternoon," He went "Ahhhhhhh! OooKAY! Good afternoon!" which he was previously pronouncing as "goose ath-er-noon," not really understanding the salutation completely.

Level 1 - Thursday

Level 2/3 FOH - Thursday