Level 1 - Thursday


Everyone has been doing a really good job of using what they've retained and so each week, we make strides with language. This week, students were introduced to the concepts of like and want in English. But some other interesting things happened in class...

Maria's glasses broke but she didn't know how to express what happened (she gets a little flustered sometimes). Olvis (nomad) stepped in and said "glasses broken" - really impressive to see his progress. By the way, Olvis was ecstatic to be back in class. He was on a roll all class.

Also, each week Narciso brings some candy for everyone. This was the perfect opportunity to talk about like vs want. At the end of class, Leo asked "do you like gum?" to Merary. She said "yes". He said "do you want gum?" She said, "no I don't". Awesome use of what we had just learned. 

New words: kale, mushrooms, zucchini

Level 2/3 FOH - Thursday

Level 1 High - Friday