Level 2/3 FOH - Tuesday


Class was moved to Tuesday due to the holiday. We had not heard from Ss and thought they would all be there but it turned out only Diana arrived. 

So, she got a private lesson about adjectives. At first Diana thought an adjective was a "feeling." I wrote "tall" "green" "short" and "loud" on the board and she understood. 

A few great examples of word combinations Diana came up with: baby carrots, apple juice, carrot juice, red beans, refried beans. 

Diana was also able to unscramble a few sentences by using her adjective order sheet for reference. "The long crispy French fries are delicious." "I like spicy Mexican tacos." "Please use a tall crystal wine glass." "Cut 5 green hot Chile peppers."

She did an awesome job today!

Level 1 High - Friday

Level 1 - Tuesday