Level 1 High - Friday


Today, Ss continued analyzing text. They had to read and understand a short note and understand use of verbs as commands.

When we came across the word 'knife' Ss mispronounced it said it with the K sound. Diana corrected it, but then Alvaro said, "But teacher, I heard them say it this way in a ninja movie one time." Diana asked, "Were they doing something secret? Sneaky?" And he said "Yeah yeah!!" So we concluded that maybe he meant the word "connive," in which case, it is pronounced with the K sound ;-) .

Jose and Alvaro did a fantastic job writing out their own instructions at the end of class. Jose wrote 9 instructions!

  • "Set up the rooms for the events"—Jose.
  • "Make sure the kitchen is completely clean"—Alvaro.
  • "Put the chairs with the table"—Joselo.


Level 1 - Thursday

Level 2/3 FOH - Thursday