Level 1 High - Friday


In today's class, students were introduced to least/most. This is a tricky concept for students!

Alvaro was forgetting to put the final -t on his superlatives so I asked him "what's wrong?" and he figured it out.

While waiting for Joselo to complete the 2nd side of the reference sheet (the most + adjective part) Jose and Alvaro answered some deeper questions about the foods we were comparing from an earlier scavenger hunt. Which food is the sweetest? Which food is the saltiest? And they were able to figure out from the sodium = how salty it might be and sugars = how sweet it might be. Great job!

Jose asked "Is sweet the same as sweetie?" And I thought he meant "sweaty" so I asked for an example. He said, "I hear people say, ah my sweetie. Or, here you go my sweetie." And Alvaro said, "Yes it's like mi amor. Because that person is like dulce to you, like sweet, like very nice." Great deduction!

New words today: them, percent, busiest

Jose and Alvaro were really on a roll today! And they had a great time discussing their opinions: "The 4/5 train is the worst train." "No, for me, the 4/5 train is the best train!" and we had some laughs along the way. Great job to both of them!

Level 2/3 FOH - Thursday

Level 1 - Thursday