Level 1 - Thursday


Ss learned the words 'get' and 'put away' today and completed a scaveger hunt.

Some of the items students 'got' were...

  • Leo - fire extinguisher
  • Merary - shopping back and pins
  • Narciso - rock/stone

These objects inspired an awesome conversation about the variations of words. We talked about 'bag' vs 'shopping' vs 'shopping bag'. Leo also shared that his job before (in DR) was to check fire extinguishers. He pointed out that the fire extinguisher he got was 'no good!'. 

I'm continually impressed with this class's level of retention from week to week. They really work hard to remember previous concepts and are focused the entire class. 

Everyone successfully compelted the last task of class too where they had to ask each other one of two possible questions -- (name), can you get the ____?. OR, (name), can you put away the ____?

Level 1 High - Friday

Level 1 High - Friday